Circuit tour in Eastern Venezuela - 12 days

Orinoco delta - Canaima lagoon - Angel falls -
La Gran Sabana - Mount Roraima


12 days tour in Venezuela First Day
Arrive in Caracas with international flight in the afternoon.
Change from Caracas International Airport to Caracas National Airport.
8:00 pm flight Caracas to Maturín
Stay in Hotel or Posada for the night.

Second Day
Orinoco delta canoe excursion 7:30 am Transfer by taxi from Hotel to San José de Buja (approx. 1 hr).
8:30 am Arrival in San José de Buja and go on by boat to the Orinoco Eco Camp (approx. 30 minutes).
9:00 Arrival in Orinoco Eco Camp and check-in
Excursion by Canoe to explore the surroundings and flora & fauna. Lunch & Relax.
During the afternoon, excursion by motor boat to the wet land, sunset with a "Cuba Libre". Dinner & Socializing.
Possibility to go on excursion by canoe to watch night active animals like caimans, snakes etc.

Third Day
Early in the morning, excursion to watch the jungle awakening, howler monkeys, birds, etc. Return to the camp and breakfast. Later, jungle walk and piranha fishing. Lunch & Relax.
In the afternoon, visit of Waraos to meet from closer a millenial culture, swimming in the river at sunset. Dinner & Socializing

Fourth Day
Breakfast and checkout, excursion by canoe through the surrounding canals.
Lunch & relax. 3:00 pm Leave by boat to San José de Buja, 3.30 pm Transfer to Ciudad Bolivar. Stay in Hotel or Posada for the night.

Angel falls trip Fifth Day
Flight from Ciudad Bolivar to Canaima.
During the afternoon, tour to El Sapo Falls and the Lagoon, later, navigation on the Carrao River towards the Angel falls. Arrival at Ahonda Canon in the Auyan Tepuy, dinner. Overnight in Hammocks.

Sixth Day
90 minutes hike to the viewpoint for the Angel Falls. Return by boat to the Base Camp in Canaima Lagoon.
After lunch, return flight to Ciudad Bolivar and transfer to the bus terminal.
Night bus to Santa Elena de Uairén located in the south of La Gran Sabana.

Seventh Day
Angel falls Pick-up service from Bus Terminal in Santa Elena de Uairén, breakfast and get our gear ready for our departure to Paraitepui de Roraima, starting point of the trek.
During the transfert, stop at Jasper Creek (water fall with incredible geological formations).
Continuing our journey, right before San Francisco de Yuruany, we say good bye to the paved road and take a dirt trail for a distance of approx. 26 km of exciting hard land driving on our 4x4 wheel to Paraitepui de Roraima.
Arrival and Lunch. First trek approx. 4 hours through the Gran Sabana on a sandy trail up to Rio Tek. Set camp, dinner, free program near the bonfire.

Rio Tek Eighth Day
Waking up early with the sunrise, breakfast.
Set off again into the savanna for a half day walk to the Base Camp on the skirts of the Mount Roraima, set camp, lunch. In the afternoon, discovering the great forest around the base of the Tepuy, dinner and overnight.

Ninth & Tenth Day
Wake up early, breakfast and packing, set off to climb the Ramp.
Climb the Tepuy and make it to the top. During our stay at the top of Mount Roraima we will have the time to explore this amazing and untouched environment, old as our planet Earth. Breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Eleventh Day
Wake up early, breakfast, start the descent to the base of Mount Roraima, lunch. Continuation of our way, up to reach the Rio Tek camp. dinner and overnight.

Twelfth Day
Breakfast, head off to trek's final destination Paraitepui de Roraima. Transportation to San Francisco de Yuruany, lunch. Trip to natural pool to relax, return to Santa Elena de Uairén in time for the bus departing.